Happy Hour

Success is measured in progress, progress only comes with practice, and the best way to practice is to practice patience.


This Tuesday was a great lesson. Why was it so great? Because I let it be a great lesson.

Step one: I did my homework. I schooled my horse the day prior to my lesson. In our schooling we did work with transitions, moving off my leg, and straightness, thus producing engagement from my horse.

Step two: I arrived to the barn with plenty of time to tack up my horse and start warming him up before my scheduled lesson time.

Step three: I stepped into the ring with a positive attitude, and maintained this positive attitude throughout my entire ride.

Step four: When presented with a problem I stayed calm, identified a solution, and then changed something in the pattern. When that wasn’t enough I reevaluated, and went off again to try it differently. Maybe just a smaller tweak was necessary this time around.

Step five: I was able to accept and celebrate the accomplishments of the hour with my equine partner, thank my coach, and leave the ring knowing i had learned another lesson.

I had done all I could have in preparation to set my horse up for a sucessful lesson. The bay couldn’t have responded better to my efforts! He was everything I could have asked of him; he was brave, committed,  willing and accepting. He waited when I asked and jumped out of the deep to the best of his greeny abilities. He moved forward down the lines when I asked for the 12 foot canter pace. Most importantly my horse adapted to different situations and approaches to the jumps with trust that everything would be alright, he was just expected to get to the other side. He was a happy horse tonight.

As seen in the videos, the bay went down the lines and took whatever distance to the jump that we were presented with. After going up and down the lines we also moved onto a small course, which we cantered with simple lead changes! So proud today.

What do you do to help prepare you and your horse for your lesson?


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