Look it’s Gracie! She raced as Dragon Wave at Woodbine Race Track.


Get the reference to her show name Wedgewood? Her pedigree includes China Ruckus.. Bone China.. China Dagger.. Notice they all have “China” in them, right? Plus she is a dapple grey horse with blue tones.. so the first thing that comes to mind is Wedgwood fine china pieces right!?


See the resemblance?


How did you chose your horse’s show name, or stable name?



2 thoughts on “Bloodlines

  1. Nice blog. Looking forward to reading more of your stories … My horse came with the registered name “Shakespeare” which is kind of funny really when you consider I am a writer. When I got him in March 2006 his winter coat was so thick he was like a plush toy, so his barn name became “Bear.” This suits him well as he can be really cuddly, too. šŸ™‚ …


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