Morning Thoughts

Reflect on the past. Remember how far you’ve come. Know how far you still aim to go.


Waymark Farms

Really missing this horse this morning. So instead of filling my thoughts with sadness and regret I decided to reminisce in the year we shared together, and remember where I am now because of it.


This long legs, four white sock wonder was a total hack star. He was an absolute joy to hack. Before my divisions I would watch some of the other equitation flat classes to see what I could expect to be asked by the judge for my division later. I’d get excited when I saw them asking for collected canters and extended trots – the extensions were our specialty.

Our first show of the 2014 season we came home champion of our division. Our first course was absolute perfection. That first course would be what I aimed for every time I entered the ring the remainder of the season. I never did have another course that could even compare to it the remainder of the season, but I realize that was because our partnership grew and we were becoming consistent, therefore a good course had later in the season never stood out as much as that first perfect course always would. That first champion ribbon we brought home and starting us off at the top of our division was a real confidence boost. Thank you Simba for that.


JD Leap into Spring

Simba was a little bit.. spooky sometimes. We had a few disaster runs the first half of the season in the transition from indoor to outdoor shows, but the mid-season results were nothing less than rewarding once I learned how to handle him on his bad days.


Iron Horse Equestrian


Parish Ridge Stables

The remainder of the season flew by on a high note with Simba performing at his absolute best every show while I was tweaking little things about the ride on the way. The competition grew fierce as the final shows were on us, and the top 4 placings were very close. We went down fighting and ended with a 4th place finish in the standings of our main division, and were mere points away from 2nd place in the hack division, instead we came out with a solid 3rd overall; another 3rd place standing in the Equitation Medal and 7th in the very competitive Adult Flat Equitation.


Championships 2014


Year End Awards 2014

Our week at Trillium Championships at Palgrave was a week to be remembered. The little Arabian kept his potato head in check and pulled his hack socks up for a week full of ribbons and heavy emotions.


Hack Division – Trillium Championships


Modified Adult Hunter Classic – Trillium Championships


Modified Adult Hunter Classic – Trillium Championships

Thank you Simba. See you soon.


Love Always,



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