A Little Long

It’s not going to be perfect – it’s December – you want to make all the mistakes now to prepare yourself for show season.

A late tuesday lesson post.

My ponies are actually wonderful. They have been brave to the jumps and so trusting. They accept the mistakes for what they are, mistakes, and don’t hold them against me.

Today the bay and I were pushed a bit out of our comfort zones. Not only were the jumps raised (by “raised” I mean a whomping 2 foot, 6 inches) but the bending lines and short turnes were enough of a test. I had to keep him on pace and keep him straight to get a good distance to these jumps, especially the oxers. So of course our lesson didn’t run without a few glitches. Video coming soon.

My riding issue is that I let the mistakes start to stress me out and am disappointed when I can’t achieve perfection. This lesson I was able to let myself relax, eventually, and pull through for my horse.

My biggest anxiety on course was the bending line of the in of the outside line with a left bend to the diagonal oxer. I had the hardest time getting him straight to the oxer and he was drifting to the right while making his turn. At first I was worried about how we didn’t have the perfect distance to the oxer as a result of our straightness issue, and instead of kicking through it and getting over the jump anyways I would pull him up. So I pretty much had to stop doing that and just get over it! By turning my head sooner and looking for the track I succedded finally and completed the second bending line bending to the right much easier. He didn’t even hold it against me. Good boy. Looking forward to learning along with him this winter.

So the grey had her first lesson back also today!! All we expected of her was to go over a few small jumps, mostly at the trot, while keeping her calm and controlled. She was super and remembered everything from before! By the end she though trot jumps were dumb and she was fitting in a canter stride before every jump.


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