Off to School

After a bit of a Christmas hiatus, Gracie and Riley are back to work!

We took a group of horses to school off property this friday, mainly the green horses and the new horse and rider combinations. This was Gracie’s first off property adventure since her racing days, and luckily,  no, she didn’t think she was off to the races again!

Gracie loaded the trailer easily, and after we arrived we took her off with the other horses and just hand walked her around the warm up area. After a few minutes I tacked up, hoped on, and took her into the main ring to walk around and see the jumps. We warmed up in the main ring with the other horses for a bit then continued in the warm up ring while other groups started jump schooling. Waiting for our turn and warming up got the final jitters out of her and she was now dead quiet. When it was the green horse’s turn to go in we started trotting over jumps right away. After stopping at the first jump and getting a good look at it, we started again and she hoped over the first jump and every other jump i took her to the rest of the ride.

I decided I wanted to mainly only trot the jumps this time out, especially since we have mainly been trotting jumps and cantering out of lines since the week she’s been back into work after her injury. I did let her canter out of the lines a few times at the schooling if we landed nicely into the line from the trot. Video on its way.

This first time off property schooling was a compete success. She was brave to the jumps, and very calm in the big ring – I couldn’t have asked any more from her.