Weekly Wants

Sooo.. the ponies and I want this stuff.. any takers!?

Riley wants . . .

Professional Choice VenTECH Combo English Girth


After recently having his second body clip of the season Riley has been especially uncomfortable under saddle. There has been no change in his tack recently so I’ve come to the conclusion that the leather girth I have always schooled him in is irritating him now that he’s freshly clipped again. So then I tried a “fuzzy girth”. Although he is still a bit irritated, he is no longer hopping around with a stick up his butt and his head between his legs, so that’s progress. I’ve always wanted a Pro Choice girth because of the removable liner for cleaning purposes, but have known horses who did not like the original VenTECH girth with the neoprene lining. This combo girth has the same neoprene moisture wicking liner, but with the addition of fleece around the edge of the girth for ultimate comfort.

Gracie wants. . .

Back on Track Hind Exercise Boots

botbootsNearly 4 months after Gracie’s paddock injury she is back to a regular riding routine, jumping 2’6 courses and starting to get her lead changes successfully. During her recovery time, I purchased a Back on Track rain sheet to put on under her regular blanket. Her injury left her with a swollen, strained lower back- with using the Back on Track blanket to stimulate blood flow, Gracie’s swelling went down quickly during her stall rest. I have had to continue wrapping her hind legs while she is in her stall this winter due to the leg she had injured stocks up over night – weather permitting and shortened winter turnout is the main factor of this issue we suspect. Having had great results from her blanket, I though I’d give the exercise boots a try on her back legs when I school her.

And, I want. . .

Aerion 3/4 Length Jacket

aerioncoatI’m in need of a longer length of riding coat in this frigid weather!! I really like the fit of this mid-weight 3/4 length coat, and the gusset system in the back allows the bottom of the coat to open up for riding. I just got the Ariat Ashley Vest in blue with chocolate brown accents; I have wanted a slimmer fitting riding vest for awhile for better movement in my arms for jumping lessons. Of course as soon as I got the vest the temperatures dropped big time again.. the vest is staying nice and clean hanging up at home now for the while.

Any experience with any of these items or another product you like better? What’s on YOUR want list this week?


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