Time to Make Some Goals

While I’m constantly making and changing my short term goals, it’s good to have your eyes on the future- then the hard work you put yourself through all seems worth it.

10172636_10154440112180383_193316924226266555_nWith the 2015 show season fast approaching, I decided it was time to publicly set some long term goals for this season.

  • First and foremost, I want to make this the most enjoyable season yet. I want to remember every show and every ride in between why I love this sport, my horse, and my barn family.
  • I would like to make it to Provincial Championships in at least the 2’6 Adult Amateur division with Gracie, and it would be great to also make it to Champs in the 2’6 high/low Open division also, or at least get a top 10 placement in that division. I would also like to qualify her in the Hack Division, and myself in the Adult Equitation on the flat.
  • Although it is not necessarily a “goal”, I wont deny my aspirations to place higher than a few certain horse and rider combinations I will be competing against for various reasons – be it that I know I work harder than them, and I would like my hard work to pay off in that sense
  • By the end of the season I would like to be able to compete at the 2’9 height option in the 2’6 high/low division at the last show or two
  • I want to take Gracie to the A Circuit show my barn will go to in October and successfully compete in the Pleasure Hunters or another suitable division at a Gold rated hunter show
  • In November, I would love to drag my coach to The Royal Winter Fair to compete with Gracie in the Thoroughbred suitability under saddle classes
  • And a more long term goal still, I will start saving my money in a Florida Fund to put towards taking Gracie to compete for a few weeks down in Ocala, Florida in February 2016 when my barn goes down next year. The timing just happens to work out perfectly, and that would definitely be one to check off the bucket list
  • My final long term goal is to have Riley back into consistent work and compete in at least enough Trillium shows to qualify for year end in the 2’6 Adult Amateur division. Even if he is ready to go in time for the start of the show season, my goal is to keep him consistent enough to continue having a work ethic all season, and hopefully get him permanently out of his habit of shutting down

So that’s what I have to look forward to this year. Now its time to get out there and earn it.


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