By the end of the season I would like to be able to compete at the 2’9 height option in the 2’6 high/low division at the last show or two. CHECK


Well it looks like I’ll be heading into another season in the 2’9 Modified Adults Hunter Division this year after all. That’s one goal checked off my list this season before the show season is even upon us! Gracie and I have made it to a new point in our riding together where I am able to think more technically about jumping with her. She will still go into this season as a green horse, but because I am finally at peace with how far we have come over the winter and how hard she is trying for me, I know we can confidently go into the show ring at this height and have a fun season together. Doing the Modified Adults Division means that I will also get to do a medal class, which I would not have had the option to do in the 2’6 division. Due to the fact that my barn has switched Trillium zones this year also means that the first show on our new zone does not start until May 1st, therefore pushing the season back another month than previously expected. While I think we would have handled starting the season this weekend on the old zone just fine, I am also thankful for the extra time to get better prepared and organized.

What are you doing to prepare for show season? When is your first show this season, and what will you be competing in?