Season Recap: Show 1

After the first few show of the season was cancelled due to a Strangles Outbreak, we started the season off at the end of May at Eden Ridge Equestrian.

The layout of our classes for the show weekend started off on Saturday with the Hack Division, followed by the Hi/Lo Developmental Hunter Division and then my Equitation class later in the day. Gracie started her first show off in the Hack Division a little overwhelmed. After mussing through her first experience in the ring, she got ready with my coach next for the Developmental Hunters.

Gracie entered this ring with coach for the first time since the Hack in the morning was in the other ring. Coach took her time and walked the long way on their mission to the first jump, keeping her straight when she started to look or move away from things that caught her eye. Gracie wasn’t spooking at the jumps themselves, but when something elsewhere caught her attention and you lost all straightness to the jump, she would stop. Including warm up rounds and the division itself Gracie went in for 5 trips with coach, and continued to become braver every trip. Lead changes were still a work in progress, so every lead change was simpled in this small ring in order to break this experience down for her and to only worry about getting her around the course for her first show.


Eden Ridge I Mod Adults


Eden Ridge I Mod Adults

Day two of showing were my jumping divisions with her. The numbers were small enough at this show to combine my divisions for ribbons to be the Modified Child/Adult Division, and the Modified Child/Adult Medal. We were back into the big ring that I had hacked her in the first day. Gracie went in more confidently for her warm up trips than she did the first day, but I still had to work to keep her straight and focused on the jumps. Videoed is one of our best rounds of the show; she had settled down a lot more by her 3rd course, and we were both breathing a bit more by then.


Eden Ridge I Hunter Derby

This show also had a Hunter Derby! Although we lost our straightness in the combination and were not able to complete our course, I got some of my best jumping pictures of the season from this course that we went into without a warm up round.

It was a great first show out for my green girl!

How was your first shown out this season?


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