Season Recap: Shows 2 & 3

As if the delayed and then delayed again show season kick off wasn’t enough – next came the rain.


Mod Child/Adult Hunters (lol my face)

HSE show 1 weekend began on a high note with Gracie coming away with Reserve Champion of the Developmental Hunters with coach!! Below is one of her rounds.


Reserve Champion

The next highlight of the day came when I catch rode my friends green warmblood in my Equitation under saddle class, and pulled through with a silver medal.





As the sun set at the end of the day, I tucked Gracie and her buddy away in their stalls for the night, and headed home. This being one of the furthest shows of the season, I napped at home then was off again in the early morning to clean up after the girls and their slumber party at the show grounds. Pulling up I glanced at the rings and grumbled to myself about how muddy grey pony was going to get today, then set off to start scrubbing her white. No sooner than the second I had completed her tail braid and was spritzing her with show sheen did the unthinkable happen – the show was CANCELLED. Being one of the first to arrive I first spread the news to coach, then began painstakingly removing every last braid from her mane. At least she wouldn’t be getting muddy today…

Gracie and her cat

Gracie and her cat

HSE show 2 returned the following weekend. Gracie having been excellent for coach the previous weekend, I decided on the return to this venue I would not enter her into the Developmental Hunters this go. A few minutes later upon taking a look at the ring and  – gulp- a combination.. Cooooooooach… will you navigate my pony today..


So of course she was perfect and the combination didn’t even phase her day 1. Onto day 2 and… rain!? Sure enough, upon Gracie and I entering the ring day 2 the skies opened up on us, then stopped, then started again when I got back on for the under saddle classes. The plus side was the suction-cup affect it had on my seat with the saddle for my Medal flat phase. And hey, we even finished Reserve Champs in the combined Modified Child/Adult hunter division that day. Below is our medal trip where we skipped one lead change, but she was brilliant and brave to the jumps.


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