A Royal Visit

Country goes to the City –


Gracie and her group with Darcy Hayes

What an exciting weekend in the city for the little grey mare!

Gracie and I recently had the pleasure of being selected to be demonstration riders for the Darcy Hayes Clinic last weekend at The Royal Winter Fair. While it was an amazing experience to ride in front of Darcy Hayes, the real purpose of the clinic was to present a short demonstration of the hunter discipline in the Presidents Choice Animal Theater to promote the evening shows at the Fair. Gracie and I had a wonderful, stress-free Fair experience, and now we are geared up for the clinic with Darcy Hayes that our barn will be hosting next month.

in her cozy stall

Having been a thoroughbred on the track, we had hoped that having those
experiences with crowds would give Gracie a bit of an advantage for her first time at The Royal. We still went into this not knowing what to expect from her in the ring, but yet again were pleasantly IMG_0122surprised. Gracie didn’t bat an eye the
entire weekend and appeared to be a
seasoned pro – not the green first time Royaler that she was.

IMG_0127My goal for this winter with Gracie was to get her off property as much as possible,
and to throw her into all kinds of new situations. The week at Trillium Championships this year aged Gracie beyond the green year she had started the season with, and every new situation thereafter would only add on to her experience level. From this weekend with took home a few memoirs along with our memories, and I cannot thank my coach and of course my horse enough for this experience.


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